How to Do Your Quiet Times

| August 27, 2012

Quiet times are what some of you may know as devotional times. It is basically setting apart some time each day to spend in fellowship and communion with God. No, praying at a bus-stop or before meals do not qualify as quiet times, at least to me. Quiet times should be a very deliberate act of setting aside time for you to spend alone with Christ. Needless to say, this is highly essential for every believer’s walk and something we should do if we want to be serious with our faith.

I am not trying to prescribe a fixed method or some sort of ‘correct’ way of doing your quiet times or devotions with God. This is just a a very general guideline and framework that I personally feel helps me alot in concentrating and focusing my mind.

Usually, there is so much going on in our lives and minds, that we are very easily distracted or unfocused when we first start our quiet times. There are a few tools that I use to help me cut away from all the distractions and settle my mind on the spirit.

1. Worship music. If you don’t already have some worship music, I would recommend you get some. I find it really helps me to focus on God when I simply start worshipping along with the music in the privacy of my room. Nothing is as effective in removing all distractions in our minds as just singing along with worship music and worshipping Him. So when you start your quiet times, you can start playing some worship music and just start singing along and worship Him. If your conditions do not allow, you can just sing silently in your mind.

2. Bible, Christian book or devotional material. After some time of worship, you can then start reading the Bible or a Christian book. It is not a matter of quantity but quality. EXPECT God to speak to you as you open your spirit to His words. Take the time to meditate on the words or the verses and ask yourself what is God trying to show you.

3. Prayer. Spend some time in prayer. Commune with your Savior. Just release to Him your thoughts and feelings. Spend some time lifting up OTHERS in prayer too, which I feel is very important, so that we are not always focusing on ourselves and our needs. More than just asking for stuff, prayer also involves thanksgiving and telling God how much you love and need Him.

These 3 tools do not necessarily have to be done in the order that I’ve mentioned. Do whatever fits you. Personally, worshipping God with music is usually the easiest way for me to start my quiet times and to quickly hone in on my spirit man. I may then read the Bible or pray after that depending on how I feel.

Quiet times do not have to be long at the beginning. If you have never made a resolution to set apart some time for Him everyday, you can start with just 5-10 minutes. Do it at a time when you are most alert and not when you are just about to fall asleep. God has given you his best and surely we can honor Him by giving Him the best part of our day. When you start doing that in obedience and faithfulness, God will begin to pour our greater revelations than you can know and you will begin to feel an intimacy with His spirit that you may never encounter otherwise.




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