How to Start a Conversation About Jesus

| August 22, 2012

I personally feel that in trying to reach out to the people around us, one of the most difficult part is how to broach the subject. Or to start the conversation about religion and mention about Jesus in our lives. Of course the most ideal situation is if the other person raises it first. But if the other person you want to reach out to never mentions about religion, how should we go about trying to raise this important but sensitive issue?

I would like to share about how I usually go about doing it. Everyone will have tried different things, but this is how I usually do it and have relatively successful with it, by God’s grace. This method may work with more than 1 person at a time, though I find that if you have time with 1 person alone is more ideal instead of having too many people trying to debate with you.

I will start with the simple question, ‘So what is your meaning in life?’

More often than not, they will need some time to ponder and think about it as most people in the world have not really thought about this crucially important question. The more common responses will then be:

1. To be happy.
2. To help others.
3. To provide for my family.

Usually, the person will then ask you about what is your purpose in life. That is when I can start sharing about my believe in Jesus and how He has given us all a much grander and meaningful purpose in life that will last for all eternity. More than just to provide for our families or to be happy on this earth, our purpose is to make disciples of all nations, so that they can celebrate together with us all in paradise when the time comes.

I will also try to point out that sooner or later, if our purpose is life is just focused on ourselves, we will lose direction and begin to question if there is something more. That is how we were created! We are meant for bigger things than ourselves!

For the other points about helping others or providing for family, I may then ask them what happens after that? What happens if they become successful and providing for family or helping others becomes easy or is accomplished? Then what? Are we supposed to keep pursuing one dream after another?

I will then approach the topic on death and what happens after. What do they believe happens after we die? Do they believe in a god? In heaven and hell? This allows us to remind them of the futility of all that we are doing on this earth as everything will pass away. But our spirits will never pass away. It is just a matter where our spirits go to spend all of eternity after we pass away. That is the important question.

There is no fixed approach of telling others the good news. The most important thing is not to rely on your own strength. Acknowledge that in your own strength and words, nothing will ever happen. But when you surrender your lips and mind to Christ and trust in Him completely to lead you in the conversation, that is when the Holy Spirit can lead you to say the right words at the right time to your friends. Of course on our part, we need to be sure of our faith and be ready to give an account for the reason of our faith. That is where daily Bible study and prayer comes in.

Hope this helps you in starting the conversation and following up from there.




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