How To Answer the ‘Why Does God Allow Suffering’ Question

| September 18, 2012

If you are living the life of a Christian, you will most definitely have encountered this question being put to you by non-believers.

If God is good and all powerful, why is there still suffering in this world?

Basically, your answer should comprise of 3 main points:

1. Suffering came into this world because of sin. We brought sicknesses and pain due to our disobedience. It is the price of free-will that God gave us, as there is no true love without free-will.

2. God does not have pain or sickness or suffering to give out as He is all good. All these come from the evil one. The day we disobeyed is the day we gave Satan the right to torment us.

3. God allows these things to happen as He can still work through all these to draw people to Himself. Also, as part of free-will He has given to us, He will not magically intervene everytime a bad thing is about to happen. God has a grand perspective of things and despite all the sufferings, His plans are still perfect with the main intention that everyone realizes that He is there and in complete control.

Think through these points and expand on them as necessary. But first we all need to be ready for the defense of the gospel. You must know the answers yourself first before you can even try to answer them. Meditate on these issues and ask God to reveal to you Himself.



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