What is Your Purpose in Life?

| September 20, 2012

This question goes out to all those who have not received God’s love yet.

It is quite an important question don’t you think? But if you can’t answer it easily or you honestly don’t know, don’t be surprised, as most people are in the same shoes.

Most people go through life, allowing life to lead them and not the other way round. How can one know what to do and where to head when one doesn’t know his destination? And many are content not knowing. They choose to live the lives moment by moment, doing whatever seems best at that time. This generally works until life starts throwing you screwballs all over the place.

– You get stuck in a dead-end job, with no joy or satisfaction and no way out.
– Your relationships breakdown
– People leave your life
– Your plans don’t work out as you hoped

We can all hide behind the false comfort of ignorance for a period of time. But sooner or later, you will be forced to confront the question that will never go away until a satisfactory answer is found: What is your purpose in life?

When pressed, many will say that their purpose is to be happy. Or to earn a living and provide for the family. Or just to enjoy every moment.

However, eventually, most people will also realize that these purposes don’t truly satisfy. Say if you manage to get a high-paying job and you can buy anything you wanted. You can easily provide for yourself and your family. Then what? Say you have the means to travel often, buy the things you want and have a partner that you enjoy hanging out with. Then what? When one achieves some of these purposes, it will dawn upon you that there is something more and these purposes, while good, are not enough to justify your existence.

You will find yourself hoping from one thing to another seeking desperately to find something that will last. A purpose and a calling that truly satisfies and bring an unshakable peace in your heart that says, ‘Yes! This is what I was meant to be do on this earth!’

God, whom we believe created each one of us specially and uniquely, has answered this question in the Bible. We are all called on this earth for one main reason, and that is to reach out to others and help them know God. And this purpose does not just carry momentary satisfaction, it brings with it an eternal outcome that will continue forever and ever. Afterall, what is more important than helping all your loved ones receive the gift of salvation from God, which will ensure them a place in heaven? And we know that it is such an awesome thing to know God and to be lead by Him every waking moment, which if you look at things objectively, can fully understand why some Christians can seem so pushy in trying to tell you about God. When you experience or found something that is so incredibly awesome, don’t you have that burning desire to tell others too? When you see a great movie, or witness some incredible talent on youtube, don’t you want to share it with the whole world? It’s the same thing for us as believers.

Having the almighty God always guiding You and watching over you, so that your life is never left to chance or luck. And to know that His plans for each one of us is PERFECT, brings us immeasurable peace and comfort, that we don’t have to rely entirely on our own strength and everything will work for good eventually, don’t you think it is an awesome truth?

Anyway, the point is, we all need to know what our existence on this earth is for. Else you will be buffeted left and right without having a solid and unshakable vision of where you are headed. The things that you think are your purpose, while good, are shortsighted and limited in the perspective of eternity. I would sincerely propose to you that God is your answer. When you find God, everything else will make sense. And not just in a temporary manner, but through all trials and challenges, through the best and worst of times, you will have that secure confidence that where you are headed is the right way and everything else will just make sense. Cause that is how God made us.




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I have been a follower of Christ for more than 20 years now. Started from a Methodist church, then went on to a few charasmatic churches and again back to a Methodist church now. Thus I have experienced and seen a wide flavor of different denominations. Personally, I consider myself non-denominational as I can worship in many different styles. The important thing is that I follow the gospel and love Jesus. I am currently serving as a musician and a worship leader in my church. I believe that my calling is to help others enter into the presence of God through worship. I also enjoy teaching and discipling other believers, which is the main reason why this site was started. I hope to find other believers to join me in this cause to reach out and encourage other believers.

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