It’s Amazing How Much You Learn When Things Are Out of Control

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It’s certainly not the most pleasant experience, and in fact, most of us do everything in our power to avoid being in this situation – when things are out of control and you have no idea what to do.

I am currently in this state now in a certain aspect of my life and I feel it is helpful to share my thoughts and feelings as I struggle through this trying period of time.

I am usually on top of everything and nothing much fazes me. When things don’t go as planned, I have backup plans and am usually able to figure out an alternative solution. So being in this situation is certainly not a very common experience for me. I am stuck in a problem where after doing all that I can, I am still not seeing the problems resolving. Things are out of my control and in the hands of others, who do not share the same pain of these problems. And the impact to my life can be significant.

But through this past 1-2 weeks, I’ve had no choice but to be constantly saying silent prayers under my breath interceding and asking God to help. To acknowledge that I really need His intervention and even a miracle for the issues to be resolved. I know that I have talked about peace and joy guarding our hearts, but to be honest, it has been a struggle keeping the peace and joy at certain times during this period of my life. I have asked God why I sometimes don’t feel that peace that is promised despite trusting Him. Aren’t we supposed to be shrouded with this envelop of peace that even when things aren’t working out, we can be calm and unfazed?

I believe that one of the reasons God is putting me in this position is to remind me and teach me how to trust in Him and depend upon Him COMPLETELY. Like I said, I’m very rarely out of control and thus it is easier to trust in Him as I can usually see a solution. I believe that this is also a trial by fire to remind me of humility and to remind me what it feels like to be out of control so that I can relate to others as I share my testimonies and faith.

If you are going through a similar period of your life right now, my prayer for you is to also have the same perspectives that I have. By faith, we know that God is in control. By faith, we know that He will take care of us. So when we reach the end of ourselves, God is forcing us to learn how to depend on Him entirely, an experience and a lesson that we so seldom get the chance to learn. We can either go through this phase of life stressed and vexed and distant from God, or we can cherish this experience and ask Him to teach us everything He wants us to learn…. so that we don’t have to do a repeat course!

I am still not seeing how this problem will be resolved and I can only wait and see. But I am resolved to guard whatever peace and joy I still have and to claim the promises of God for my life. I will not allow myself to sink into despair and stress and anxiety. No. When I feel these thoughts and feelings coming in, I say a silent prayer and remind myself that my God is in charge and that things are going to work out. This is not denial, but it is faith.




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