Prosperity and Wealth Through a Loving Father’s Eyes

| December 14, 2012

Having written a post on Pastor Prince’s take on prosperity, God is continuing to reveal to me new ways of looking at wealth and prosperity.

I think that our views of God as a loving Father is not wrong and more often times we can understand God’s heart much better if we seek to see it from the heart of a loving father. So, if you are a loving father (or mother) to your child, and you have been blessed with untold riches and wealth, how will you handle it with regards to your children? Here are a few points that God revealed to me this morning as I was worshipping.

1. As a loving father, He desires to bless us with the riches at His disposal.
If you were a parent, I’m sure you will want your children to enjoy all the riches that you have. If my children are ready to receive all these riches, I will be more than happy to give it all to them. I will hope that someday I can give them everything I have. So the heart of the father is to eventually bless His children with all His riches. But the key is being ready. And unfortunately, many of us never get to the point of being ready to handle all this wealth.

2. As a loving father, He is more interested that His children develop Godly character.
If I was incredibly wealthy, while I want my children to enjoy my wealth, but more important to me is that my children grow up to be people of strong Godly character. It is much more important to me that they develop perseverance, patience, kindness, love, faith, obedience and all of the other fruits of the spirit. The famous movie action superstar, has made it publicly known that his son will not receive a sent of his riches and if he wanted to be rich, he has to earn it himself. Jackie knows that if he were to just make all the riches at his son’s disposal, his son will likely grow up to be a man who doesn’t understand hard work. His son will also not get the chance to mould his character to be a better person through all the challenges of working hard and taking up a job. I think to a certain extent God treats us the same way. And I recognize that if they lived a life of luxury from the moment they were born, and they had servants and people to serve them and do everything for them from day 1, it is much harder for them to learn many of the important life lessons that will shape their character. How will they learn faith, and to believe in God to provide and help them in times of need, when they are never in need? How will they know the importance of kindness and patience when they never see the suffering of the world and the difficulty in life when one doesn’t get along with others? And most importantly, how will they be a light to the world if they are not people who can relate to the everyday person and win their trust?

3. As a loving father, He will never want His children to be begging for bread.
While we want our children to develop character by withholding all our riches for a moment, but we will also not want to go to the other extreme that our children will have to suffer extreme poverty that they do not have enough food. I do not want to give them all the luxuries right now, but I still want to make sure that they have enough and not be in a constant state of suffering from lack. I believe that God our father treats us the same way. While He may withhold much of His wealth from us at this moment, but He wants to provide us with enough.

4. Sometimes not having all the wealth He has is necessary to achieve His plans for us.
Let’s face it. When we are wealthy and rich on this world, our paths and journeys will be very much different than if we had to struggle and fight for resources. Sure, if all missionaries were millionaires and could easily buy a Bible for every person in a remote village, that would make life so much easier to preach the gospel. But how is that different from God just coming down and showing Himself to every person on earth so that they will believe in Him? God doesn’t work that way and He wants His children to have faith first. And if missionaries had to struggle and work hard to get the resources needed for them to do their work, it will bring them across paths that they will never have to go through. They may never cross paths with the corrupt government official who they will be a Godly testimony to and which will sow a seed in the person’s heart. Perhaps as human fathers, we can never quite orchestrate or see that far, but our heavenly father can. Sometimes He withholds riches as His plans for us are better served that way.

Hopefully, this will allow us to imagine and understand our Father’s heart better. Of course the similarity between us as human fathers and Him as the Almighty ends where He is infinitely wise and knows all things, while we are the direct opposite. But He has allowed us to glean some understanding on He chooses to work by comparing Himself to our father. I think that if often ask ourselves, if I was a loving father, what would I do, we can get many answers to the things that puzzle us.




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