It Is a Simple Thing for God to Give You What You Want, But…

| February 19, 2013

This simple truth and revelation hit me just the other day about the things we are praying hard about.

Being an internet entrepreneur, one of the constant struggles I face is how to increase traffic to my websites. I am constantly trying to think about how best to bring additional traffic through various strategies and marketing methods. Just an additional 10 visitors to a website can sometimes be a big victory. Or even 1 new visitor. Then it struck me as I was praying and asking for help, that it must be such a simple, almost negligible and trivial thing for God to do… if He wanted to.

Think about it, there are probably a few billion people on the internet. If God wanted to, He could easily send 1, 10 or even 100 new visitors to my websites. It would be almost effortless for Him. Of course, everything is effortless for Him, but if we were to compare it with huge miracles like parting the Red Sea, we would generally agree that there are some stuff, in our limited human eyes, are so simple for Him.

Similarly, you may be praying for an additional $100/mth in your next pay rise. Of you maybe praying for more friends or a promotion. Or you may even be asking for a new home. How difficult do you think it is for our God who owns every single penny in the entire universe to simply give you that additional $100/mth in your pay check? Or even a home? It’s almost nothing in comparison to all that He has! I mean thousands and thousands of dollars are lost every single day by people dropping money accidentally. He could even channel all the lost money around the world into your pocket and no one will feel short-changed!

So what am I trying to drive at?

Even as I looked at my daily struggles, and the things I’m working so hard for, these things can be easily granted to me by our loving Father….. IF He wanted to. So if we are not getting the things we pray for, it is NOT because He is telling us (like many people will do when we ask them for help), ‘Hang on, I need to rearrange this detail, sort this other stuff out, before I can help you.’ He is not giving us what we are praying for simply because He knows that it is not time or not the right thing we need at this point in time! It’s as plain as that.

With this revelation, I recognize that He wants me to keep thinking, to keep working hard at building my business and to keep finding new ways to increase traffic to my sites. Similarly, He wants you to keep working hard, to keep being a good testimony in your workplace, and to keep striving for that pay-rise or that promotion. The things we want are nothing to Him to give to us, if He wanted to. But if He has chosen not to do so, it either means He wants us to keep working it out and thinking or it is not what we should be working for. Period.

I hope that this simple revelation has helped you as it did me, to put things in perspective. Our challenges and problems and wants may seem big, but to Him, they are trivial, in the sense that, if He wanted to give them to us, it can be done with a snap of His fingers. But He has chosen not to do so, and when God chooses NOT to move, it speaks just as loud as when He chooses to move.




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