Pray Hard for Our Churches & Pastors

| February 5, 2013

Another recent incident reported in the news not only incited much anger and frustration in me, but also the urgent and dire need for us to keep holding up the church and our pastors in prayer.

A Lutheran Church pre-school is under serious investigation of alleged sexual acts performed by its students, aged 4-5 years old! You can read it here:

Seriously, I think nothing damages the testimony of Christ more than His own church and those working in the frontline falling into public sin. As Christians, we can do everything to preach the good news, but when news like this breaks out, it almost invalidates all the seeds that have been sown in the hearts of unbelievers.

This is also a somber reminder for us all that the devil indeed roams around like a roaring lion waiting to devour anyone who is unguarded and vulnerable. And he likes nothing more than to bring down the church and its pastors publicly. The damage that he delivers by bringing down a single pastor or a church can be so far-reaching that we cannot even imagine. I can almost hear all the mockers making fun of the name of Christ each time such incidences happen.

Thus, let us do not be lazy and forgetful and turn a blind eye to the intense battle that is going on in the spiritual realms. Especially for our leaders and the church, they need an extra measure of protection through our prayers as the devil probably considers them ‘high-value targets’. Take some time now to say a quick prayer for your pastors and your church right now and whenever we are tempted to forget, let this news be a reminder to us all never to let our guard down.




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