4 Important Clarifications of Christianity vs Homosexuality

| July 3, 2014

Among the groups of people who reject the idea that homosexuality is normal are the Christians and as such we have been the target of mockery and abuse by the LGBT community and supporters. I would just like to use this opportunity to clear a few misconceptions and clarify certain things about Christianity.

1. Christians are not homophobic.

Or at least not supposed to be. By definition, ‘homophobia’ is a range of negative feelings and attitudes towards the homosexuals and comes across usually as contempt, predjuice or even hatred. By this definition, I speak for all Christians to say that this is definitely not what our Bible teaches us to do. I know that there are certain individuals in the Christian community who may have exhibited behaviors counter to what I have just said, but as a matter of Christian teaching, we are all supposed to love and respect everyone regardless of who or what they are. Any Christian who claims otherwise is not part of the Christian faith.

2. Christianity teaches us that homosexuality is sin.

And that is what our Bible and God tells us. It is not in the intended order of things just like cheating, lying, hurting others are not in the intended purposes of God for human beings. And when we humans go against the intended order of things, there will be negative consequences. We do not expect the LGBT community to accept this, but like most matters of faith and religion, we have to agree to disagree.

3. We treat homosexuals just like anyone of us, fallen and imperfect.

All of us have wrongs. All of us sin at one point in time or another. Christians and non-Christians. We believe that. As such, homosexuality is just one of the many many things that we do wrong on a daily basis. We regard homosexuals in the same way as we regard any other imperfect person, we love them but we reject the act of any wrongdoing. Imagine if your good friend comes to you and tells you that he just cheated on a test, how would you react? You would most likely still treat him as a friend but you would tell him that you disapprove of his actions wouldn’t you? It’s the exact same thing with Christians and homosexuals.

4. Christians oppose any attempts to normalize or encourage homosexuality.

This is of course the main bugbear of the LGBT community against Christianity. They feel that they have a right to be treated with respect and accepted in the wider community. And they are right. Christians agree with that. As stated in the above points, we respect homosexuals and treat them like anyone else. But that does not mean that Christians have to accept the LGBT movement of pushing their lifestyle as a natural and appropriate way of living. While many in the LGBT community claim that all they want is equal and fair treatment and the right to exist, but many times, this spills over to the push of telling society that homosexuality is normal and right. We do not want the society and our children to grow up thinking that homosexuality, like any other sin, is normal and should be condoned or even encouraged.

I know that lots more can be spoken about this complex and tricky issue where the Christian church finds ourselves against the tide of many in the society. But I have deliberately chosen to keep it short in order to highlight the most important things that should be made clear about Christianity and homosexuality. The bottom line is this, Christians are called to love EVERYONE. But at the same time, Christians are called to stand up against wrongdoing and slow the spread of sin.




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