Straight Christian Man pretended to be Gay for a year

| August 21, 2015

Timothy Kurek was convicted to walk in the shoes of a gay for a year. What he learnt and what God taught him through this experience was the issue of how we as people tend to embrace bias against those not the same as us. And we need to choose to refuse to give in to our biases and to force ourselves to empathize more with others outside of our comfort circle.



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I have been a follower of Christ for more than 20 years now. Started from a Methodist church, then went on to a few charasmatic churches and again back to a Methodist church now. Thus I have experienced and seen a wide flavor of different denominations. Personally, I consider myself non-denominational as I can worship in many different styles. The important thing is that I follow the gospel and love Jesus. I am currently serving as a musician and a worship leader in my church. I believe that my calling is to help others enter into the presence of God through worship. I also enjoy teaching and discipling other believers, which is the main reason why this site was started. I hope to find other believers to join me in this cause to reach out and encourage other believers.

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