Hear my prayer as I begin a new journey

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Even as I start on this new journey, it appears really daunting and scary at times. But I choose to trust in You. I have decided to trust in You entirely for every result. It is scary to have to live every day by faith, of not knowing how I am going to earn enough to provide for my family on a daily basis. But I will have it no other way. I know that as I put my career entirely into your hands by faith, You will bless and You will provide.

Help me to commit every single appointment I make into Your hands. And may never be tempted to go at it with my own strength, even when things do not work out the way I hope. Perhaps it is a lack of faith, but I am mentally prepared for lots of disappointments and rejections to come my way, but I still want to believe that You are going to flood my storehouse and repay the years that the locusts have eaten. Help me not take it personally and to allow Your peace and joy to so overwhelm me in every situation that nothing can get me down. Every sale I make or don't make is in Your hands.

Most of all Lord, help me to love people more. Help me to look at everyone that I meet through your eyes of compassion and love. Help me to love them so much, that I can hear their inner cries of needs and desperation. So I can reach out and be a real blessing to them through the work that I do, not for the sake of anything else, but to be a blessing to them. Help me to listen well and to discern what their real needs are, even when they do not know it themselves.

Give me wisdom to find the right solution for every life that I meet. You promised wisdom for those who ask in faith, and I will receive it in faith as you have demanded. I am wise, just like King Solomon is. I will use your wisdom to bless others and to give them good advice and recommendations that will help them with their lives. Every person that I meet will go away richly blessed and touched by Your presence and wisdom, that they cannot help but savor the sweet presence of the Most High through me.

Help me to find lots of joy and satisfaction in what I'm doing, knowing that it is what You have called me to do during this season. If it's not what I should I be doing, You will show me. Otherwise, please guard my heart with peace that transcends all human understanding.

I do not know how I am going to do it, but Your spirit will lead my way. And surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.



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I have been a follower of Christ for more than 20 years now. Started from a Methodist church, then went on to a few charasmatic churches and again back to a Methodist church now. Thus I have experienced and seen a wide flavor of different denominations. Personally, I consider myself non-denominational as I can worship in many different styles. The important thing is that I follow the gospel and love Jesus. I am currently serving as a musician and a worship leader in my church. I believe that my calling is to help others enter into the presence of God through worship. I also enjoy teaching and discipling other believers, which is the main reason why this site was started. I hope to find other believers to join me in this cause to reach out and encourage other believers.

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