About Us

Christianhub is essentially a Christian blog comprising of many invited writers and individuals to share the lessons and insights that God has been teaching them everyday. God reveals Himself in many different ways to every person and thus we can all learn from one another. This is what actually inspired this site, when God shows me something new or works so wonderfully in my life, that I cannot help but want to tell the whole world how good He is and to share new revelations that He shows me.

More than just sharing, Christianhub also hopes to be a source of encouragement to those dealing with difficult issues in life that our writers may also be facing or have gone through. Each of our writer (writers’ profiles will be made available in due time) are mature Christians who love God wholeheartedly and have seen and experienced the world in different ways. They will be able to share their experiences and as God leads them to share, which will hopefully lift someone up at the right time.

Do share our site with your friends if you believe that this is a worthy cause. If you want to contribute your own articles, please feel free to email me at editor [add] christianhub.com.sg.

May God lead us in this exciting journey!

For His Service
James Lim